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April 20, 2013


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First off, I wanna say thanks again for all the support I've been getting lately! I'm a couple away from my 500th watcher... I've never made it that far before. Hahaha. I finally got around to doing the trailer for my film too! I'm sad that my film won't be finished this year, but I'm really proud of what I'm learning and really satisfied with my improvement! I'm still having my ups and downs, but its times like these when you need to appreciate the little things. My mom has been visiting me every weekend at school and even though she tends to lecture me a lot, its nice to know that she cares and I know she just wants to help me. I feel much more open to people these days and the pent of depression and frustration is slowly and finally being relieved.

Now on to the important bits! Just a frustration I want to get out I suppose... But I guess I'm just continually flabbergasted by societies perception of gender. I really can't understand it. Actually. I do understand it, I'm just having a hard time accepting it. I think people need to wake up and smell the rank testosterone that is dominating the human race. I am every bit a feminist, but in no way a man-hater. What I do hate is the glaring inequality between sexes and the fact that people still use outdated facts and 'traditional' ways of thinking, made-up facts, and religion as something to oppress and even brainwash not just women, but men as well. I don't want equality for women, I want equality for ALL. I want men to be able to be a stay at home dad and not be judged by the rest of society just as much as I want a women to be the full-time worker with equal pay and able to be assertive without being called a bitch. Its all nuts. Anyways, just a nugget of thought for some of you guys to stew about. Peace out friends!
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Rin-Uzuki Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I second that motion!
I totally agree... It's scary how normalized gender inequality and the objectification of females in media and entertainment is; I'm still constantly becoming more aware of just how far down the pit goes.

This kinda reminds me, have you seen the Tropes vs Women in Video Games youtube series? [link] It's a pretty neat watch~

Gender Signifiers In Videogames: [link] and this is a neat read~
AcheronHades Apr 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Glad you're feeling better : ) I handed my dissertation in yesterday; it was all about feminism, the beauty myth, the male gaze and how it all affects how women are depicted in comics, I would highly recommend The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, it's so interesting! : D Keep feeling better and better, sounds like life is pretty good right now : )
Marry me please. Oh my god, thank you <3 THANK YOU <3
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